Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale in Phoenix, AZ

Labrador retriever puppies are the perfect addition to your family if you love spending time outdoors. These sweet dogs are full of energy and love to learn new tricks. At Kaos White Labradors, we are happy to connect you with a puppy that will be your loving companion.

Learn more about our Labrador retriever puppies for sale in Phoenix, AZ.

About Labrador Retrievers

At Kaos White Labradors, we are confident that you will love these puppies as much as we do. We use ethical breeding practices and fully vaccinate our dogs to ensure they stay healthy. Labrador retrievers are incredibly intelligent and easy to train. If you have an active lifestyle, this breed is the perfect fit as they love to run around and can easily keep up with you.

In addition to their intelligence and love to play, Labrador retrievers have an easy-going temperament, which means they get along well with children and other dogs. Whether you have a large family or want a hiking companion, you will love our adorable puppies.

We strive to breed Labrador retrievers with the ideal characteristics, so our puppies are great if you want to show them. Their white coats are both attractive and easy to care for, and you can teach your puppy tricks with a little training.

About Kaos White Labradors

Find your new furry friend with the help of our friendly team. Whether you want a family pet or a showable dog, you are sure to love our Labrador retriever puppies. Learn more about our moms, sires, and available puppies today.

We are proud to help our puppies find their forever home, so reach out today with any questions. For an energetic and friendly companion, turn to Kaos White Labradors in Phoenix, AZ. For more information, call or text us at (480) 298-6456. New Puppies under Kennel Kids (click Kennel Kids under Puppies)